Increased ERP demand for Microsoft Cloud.

Why ERP Cloud? The software companies are evolving into new models associated with pay per use and demand services. Having a management software that allows you to control all your business processes from one system is critical in the road to success.

Investment in ERP and cloud services is a growing trend for several years. Microsoft Dynamics AX understood and constantly analyzes the current situation and provides maximum flexibility, customization and all necessary complete confidentiality and reliability of data (backup), always with the availability of the solution from anywhere in the world and at all times.

Cost reduction: have a management software hosted in the cloud simplifies administration, because much of the maintenance work is done externally. This avoids costs and dedicated servers to maintain the system, making your company more productive business employees.

Security: while reducing maintenance costs, it also saves on technical staff dedicated to the safety of the platform. In the case of Microsoft, working with a cloud-based ERP guarantees the support of a great team dedicated solely to security. Furthermore, the system is kept up to date at all times, covering one of the most common vulnerabilities.

Flexibility: can act and compete at a higher level, adjust it more quickly to the needs of your business and customer. Also, you can access your management system at any time and from any location where you meet through your mobile devices.

Storage: As the business grows so does the amount of data you need to collect. Working in the cloud ensures you have large storage capacities while risk of data loss is reduced by problems or technical failures on the premises.

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