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Many marketers have heard your boss indicate ‘Take a banner on this site is a very good place’ or ‘If most of the queries come from the web, then we invest 90% of the marketing budget on internet’ or the classic “Let’s pamphlet just like that, for tomorrow.”
Behind the scenes, marketers spend every January to make a thorough analysis of market trends. Those who will be our guidelines to our strategy and the action plan of the year. How has changed the purchasing behavior of my client? What are your new preferences? They are some of the questions we ask when the director yells us in the neck, ‘I want the best for the company!’.
Trends will be to raise new challenges for us to find our products to our customers.
The last mile to the new marketing: 6 trends to consider this 2016
Personalized Experiences. What do our prospects expect? Baby boomers and new millennials have high expectations about their customer experiences. They expect better experience. Relevant best experiences mean that anticipate their expectations. That makes KNOW about them and act accordingly, before ASKING each contact point and have to wait for a next experience and see if they understood what they wanted.
According to recent surveys, women millennials for example, expect to receive your FREE FAST shipping and shopping. babyboomers men also prefer free shipping and they easy return process (if required). For its part, the millennials men expect their purchase arrives FAST, free shipping, and have a PERSONALIZED WEB EXPERIENCE. They say: ‘I know what I want!’. The baby boomers are more concerned about the quality of service, while Millennials already take for granted!
The new metrics. No excuses, everything is measured… The problem is what to measure! New technologies allow us to measure everything. The challenge is to generate the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that put us focus on what’s important. And how important is the metric that meets our goal. And the goal will be to meet the expectations of our customers. At first glance, it seems simple. The risk is drowning in the figures. So the marketer needs to have knowledge of new technologies and new metrics; but in the service of the ‘old’ strategic planning.
Digital Challenges. Once we understood the rules of digital marketing, we need to focus on the call Digital engagement. Basically, have a unique vision and efficiently manage interactions. How to generate link and keep those relationships via digital channels which in turn interact with traditional channels such as call center or personal care in a branch; for example?
The route of our customer with a Omnichannel Marketing. In recent years we have been concerned to understand what the points of contact of our brand with our customers are. We know that we must identify ALL channels. But those companies that in recent years adopted uncoordinated technologies among its ‘customer touchpoints’, its marketing and business lines this year are facing a big challenge: to have a single view of your customer. As a result, these organizations are limited to solve your ‘Customer Journey’*.
Intelligent Management of the Marketing Budget. Focus on channels / means generating increased demand; but we know what was the origin of the prospect. Good news, inbound marketing is also less intrusive and efficient, it is cheaper. Content marketing, for instance, is 62% cheaper per lead than traditional outbound marketing **.
We use technology to efficiently manage our budget and marketing efforts. What channels reach our potential customers? Which means generate interested? Through what contact points I make further inquiries into business opportunities?
Service: Your client does not understand departmental barriers. The route of your customer still moving on, even after buying! Fortunately, consumers are eager to share their shopping experiences in social channels ***. We have a great opportunity to leverage the tools that allow us to generate real “social listening” and convert knowledge into action.
Technological progress puts us in hand all the tools to analyze, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate our campaigns. Marketing executives no longer have to deal with difficult applications to understand and use fragmented, or expensive. Anyone can do marketing! How hard is it RIGHT.
I invite you to learn Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, the CRM solution that makes life easier for marketers, streamlines business and make customers happy.
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Aymará Pedrueza | Marketing Manager | Axxon Consulting

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