New: Microsoft Dynamics AX7

The latest update of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, will bring a modern user experience, context sensitive based on HTML5 further enhance the productivity of mobile employees.

Advances in business logic, data model, cloud, modern applications, services and devices scenarios, lay the foundation for the new version of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

With the advancement of the life cycle management of applications, the AX7 version is designed to help organizations to “take what you need, when you need it.” It has a new model of customization to make it even easier relationship with your customers.

Modern web-based experience.

With this release, the design principles of previous versions were developed and sensitive experience based on client technology was introduced HTML5 user context. This new technology provides the customer benefits for the business user, IT manager and developers.

The user experience spans architecture modern customer with a full web experience that facilitates access to business data and processes anytime, anywhere.

In addition, this user experience takes centers roles, embedded BI and forms to a new level with the introduction of workspaces and dashboards; allows management tasks directly from people with an immersive experience in specific tasks such as the widespread use of visualization, analysis and social concepts.

The Power BI tool, allows more than 30 reports back office allowing better visibility into trends.

Microsoft Dynamics AX7 offers clean, simple and modern applications that fundamentally facilitate the performance of work and provide an experience that users will love.

Mobile-first, cloud-first

The cloud can be seen as the engine that powers the device experience. In developing new products, it is paramount to harness all the computing power available to the user and provide the best contextual experience.

An open and flexible cloud platform supports some heterogeneous environment applications, devices, data and infrastructure.

The cloud platform makes it easier and faster: allows you to build, manage and deploy applications, obtaining a broad perspective of “all” data and take control of the devices in your business environment.

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