Public Sector Solutions from Microsoft Dynamics

The most successful public organizations and governments are powered by passionate individuals who are fully empowered to make a difference. When given the right public sector solutions, these people can realize their full potential, make government leaner and more responsive, and ensure the outcomes that citizens demand.

A complete end-to-end CRM public sector solution for organizations

Citizen relationship management brings the power of customer relationship management (CRM) to government agencies. With CRM public sector software, small and large e-governmental agencies can track and manage their constituents online, increase cost efficiency, securely manage data, and offer convenient services and transactions around the clock. These combined solutions can be tailored to your organizational needs to help build connections and increase citizen satisfaction.


Want a more dynamic government? With Microsoft Dynamics, you can provide services to citizens faster and more cost-effectively. You can empower your employees to be more proactive, while gaining the visibility and accountability your constituents demand. Microsoft Dynamics helps government organizations at all levels, including government administration, public services, public safety, justice, defense, and health and human services, with public sector solutions such as 311 citizen service, grants management, case management, permitting, licensing and financial administration.

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