The world changed: Y came to the State

In recent years we have talked a lot about the new generation: digital natives and a generational shift that accompanied a revolution in technological and cultural paradigms.

Technological democratization, access to devices on the foundation of all the pyramids, the pair of individuals from birth assume that technological tools are at your service, to make life easier and responding to their needs.

Although we all know that there are certain sectors more stagnant societies, those stragglers who struggle to embrace the changes.

More bureaucratic sectors, conservatives, with greater prejudices and resistance regarding the new. Of these, no one would hesitate to say that the public sector is its greatest representative.

But one day we were surprised to see that the state was the provider of mobile devices like tablets so students could study in schools (and in their houses, and on the way).

Today we hear in public speeches how government officials pledge to overturn the ‘state at the service of citizens’.

– Ah, but it was not for that that was the state? Sure, yeah, in theory … But in practice, those processes supported by arguments were losing status quo in the way of bureaucratic mazes the true sense of the public sector.

It took quite reach the technological breakthrough, but now has a name and is called Modernization of the State.

The new generation, Generation Y came to the state.

Values and dynamics that were generated in the private sector, expanded today to the public: Consumer Power, we turn to the power of the citizen; companies ‘Customer oriented’ extend towards the concept of State to serve the public.

State modernization involves acting on all points:

– Closer to the citizen: to go from ‘bring the branch hairs’ and start being where this new generation of neighbors is, becoming a State Omnichannel.

– Streamline business processes procedures: eliminate citizens messaging, empower citizens to manage their own procedures, management platforms generate remote procedures.

– Ensure transparency to the State: from the broad concept. Learning from a generation that knows cooperate and participate. Share information, down departmental barriers and accept the collaboration, even from the citizen.

Generation Y is a multichannel, multi-device generation. Permanently connected, citizens expect and do not know of ‘paperwork’ and resolves everything online.

It is time that the state embrace technological innovation, it is positioned AHEAD change and become a country of digital natives, in a digital country.

Aymará Pedrueza | Marketing Manager | Axxon Consulting

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