Microsoft Envision: potencia tu negocio con tecnología innovadora

Nearly 6,000 attendees had the opportunity to experience first hand all the news Microsoft has for enterprise technology in the Envision Conference (formerly known as Microsoft Convergence) in New Orleans, USA.

A renewed meeting where Microsoft presented all the innovations to optimize the productivity of organizations: Conversation as a platform (CaaP) with Skype integrated to Cortana, artificial intelligence bots and holograms, Blockchain to empower financial industries; among other.

Attendees who witnessed Satya Nadella’s keynote – with his vision of how technology and business are driving the digital transformation in the world – were currently joined by another 100,000 online attendees .

If you did not have the chance to participate personally or log in to see the livestream, here we share the links to the main videos posted on the official YouTube channel Microsoft Envision.

Microsoft Envision 2016 Highlights and Keynote:

Microsoft Envision 2016 Highlights 
Microsoft Envision Keynotes 

Leaders, Challenges and Trends:

Sesiones para Líderes IT 
Sesiones para Líderes en Ventas
Sesiones para Líderes en Marketing
Sesiones para Líderes en Finanzas
Sesiones sobre Desafíos de Negocios
Sesiones para Líderes de Negocios

Industry Sessions:

Manufactura y Recursos
Servicios Profesionales
Retail y CPG  
Cuidado de la Salud
Deportes y Entretenimiento
Hospitalidad y Turismo
Seguros, Banca y Mercado de Capitales

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