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Our History

Axxon’s pre-history is called Business Dynamics, a pioneer in the region in the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics technological solutions.

In 2002, the company matured and gathered forces to make up Axxon Consulting, where the founders of Axxon Argentina partnered up.

After years of success and satisfied customers, Axxon Chile was created and, in 2002, Axxon Paraguay, both with local partners and catering for the demands in each of these two countries.

Regional Coverage

We have commercial offices in Argentina, Chile and Paraguay, and we take part in projects in USA, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Argentina.


Awards and Prizes

Microsoft recognizes our experience, team work and vocation of excellent service. We take pride in these prizes which makes us stand out as regional leaders in Microsoft Dynamics-based solutions.

Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards
Microsoft Partner of the Year Prizes recognize the effort and dedication of Axxon Consulting to obtain the highest levels of customer satisfaction, its active search for product and technologies improvements, and from a general perspective, to contribute in the expansion of Microsoft business.

Inner Circle
Inner Circle is a distinction that is only achieved by 1% of the partners of the world (50 out of 5000 overall partners).

President’s Club
Only the top 10% of Microsoft partners belong to the President’s Club.

Multiple awarded by Microsoft

Our Alliances

We generate alliances and agreements with leading companies and organizations in synergy with our businesses vision.


Microsoft Consulting Services

Committed to maintaining the highest customer satisfaction standards, we’re part of the consulting services offered by Microsoft to the corporate sector. A team of over 12,000 consultants, corporate architects and support and sales professionals.



Provider of technological solutions and services specialized in Microsoft technologies on which we leverage to offer services to deployment projects specialized by industries throughout Latam.



Pipol (previously Partner Power the Internacional) is exclusively dedicated to taking care of multi-country, multi-language and multi-company ERP and CRM deployments. With this alliance, we can access the best practices of the world and collaborate in international Microsoft Dynamics projects.



The British company The Customer Framework, the creator of SCHEMA, allows us to make an objective, detailed and quantified assessment of companies customer management capacities (integrating the digital, social and mobile with approaches of traditional Customer Management) compared with the market standards and world-class practices for BtoC businesses.

Customer Attuned

Consultant specialized in customer management for Business to Business businesses. This alliance allows us to offer world-class assessment and processes improvement methodology to render businesses more profitable in line with the needs of the customers, using benchmarking or benchmark of the best practices of some of the main B2B organizations of the world.



AACRM makes sure that all companies in Argentina understand and incorporate CRM as a central strategy, encouraging the exchange of professional, enterprise and philanthropic experience between the partners, researching, promoting and spreading the systems and techniques that are applied for the accomplishment of CRM in all its forms. Allied with AACRM, we organized teaching efforts to teach the market and to convey best practices at strategy level.



SIACRM groups all the efforts in terms of diffusion of best practices and professionalization of the customer relationship management of in Ibero-American companies and organizations. We are charter members and main promoters of teaching and training efforts, both from CRM strategies and technological solutions to sustain them.

CWR Mobility

CWR Mobility is the leading supplier of mobile CRM solutions. It offers the most advanced multi-platform CRM solutions, based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM technologies. This platform allows organizations to capitalize the last technology trends, reducing the costs of interaction with its customers and environment, on more agile and effective structures. In alliance with CWR Mobility, we offer horizontal and vertical CRM mobility solutions for SMEs and corporations at world-wide level, integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Alejandro Bauvin
Managing Director | Argentina

@abauvin is an Engineer and he has a postgraduate diploma in SMEs Management. Founder Partner of Business Dynamics and then of Axxon. He practices kite surf, wind surf and other *surf* sports.

Felipe Girado
Managing Director | Argentina

@fgirado is responsible for the ERP business unit. Specialized in retail, manufacture, logistics, distribution, oil & gas industries. 20+ years of experience in the systems sector. 15+ years of experience in Microsoft Dynamics. He flies a glider and he’s within the top 10 at national level.

Francisco Nelson
Managing Director | Argentina

@panchonelson founded Axxon Consulting in 2002 together with Felipe Girado and Alejandro Bauvin. Entrepreneur. Cloud Ninja. CPA, with a postgraduate diploma in Marketing and Enterprise Coaching, and APICS CPIM certified in the USA. Runner and reading fan.

Pablo Iannucci
Managing Director | Argentina

@paiannucci is in charge of the delivery of Axxon Argentina’s business solutions. Industrial Engineer with a postgraduate diploma in Business Management from CEMA. 20+ years dedicated to Business Solutions using world-class applications. Squash sport lover.

Junio Dantas
Managing Director | Paraguay

30+ years as entrepreneur in the IT industry in Africa, Europe and Latam. Leader of ERP projects in different countries and various platforms. Brazilian with residence in Paraguay. Founder and President of the Zadock Group, which operated in the areas of technology, logistics and construction.

Rafael Mardones
Managing Director | Chile

17+ years dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics deployments in Chile. 40+ years of IT experience. Responsible for 60+ ERP and CRM Dynamics deployments and 10+ project recoveries. He plays golf, his hobby is cooking and he loves travelling.

Francisco Mulhall
Managing Director | Chile

20+ years of experience in ERP and CRM systems, in manufacturing, distribution and service industries, and linked to 90+ deployments in the region. Photography lover.

7 Reasons to Choose Us

We have experts where your company needs them

We provide service, knowledge and support at local level with a wide network of resources to access multi-company muti-national deployment processes.

We assure customer satisfaction and generate long-term relations

Our experts have successfully completed more than 350 ERP and CRM deployments; We have wide experience in international deployments, with wide knowledge of requirements, both at legal standards level and at cultural and work forms level in more than 10 countries in Latin America; We have the biggest installed base of Dynamics clients in South America, with deployments in USA, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Argentina.

Customized Solutions for Your Company

Our development area is focused on constantly trying to respond to the different specific demands of each customer by customizing the product and our services. Our professionals have deep knowledge of the tools, roles and industries and of the development of tailored applications, based on their technical capacity and flexibility at the time of providing proper solutions.

We help you to get ready for the change

Success of management solution projects is based on three pillars: processes, technology and people. Technology must support the strategies of your organization. The design of well-defined strategies, properly outlined processes and change management to approach new technologies and assure user adoption and incorporation of best practices is part of the critical drivers of success.

At Axxon, we have an area specifically dedicated to consulting for assessing and developing process improvement with a world-class methodology that makes you reach the best practices and standards for your industry and type of business.

We minimize your risk with preparation and experience

Our consultants are committed to proposing technological planning and development solutions that are more adapted to your expectations. We base our deployments on SureStep Methodology, a tool designed by Microsoft for the bundle of Microsoft Dynamics solutions to improve coherence, time scales and quality, assuring the success of the deployment.

We organize in Customer Teams to provide the best service and support

We have internal team structures per client. From commercial assistance to analysis, design, deployment and support, teams are grouped per client. We have the biggest customer care staff dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics in the region. Our helpdesk complies with the guidelines under ISO 9001:2008 standard which assure the compliance of processes and standardized service levels, assuring a service based on the most stringent quality requirements.

End-to-End Solutions

We’re not just a technology provider. We go with you every step of the way from previous evaluation to strategic consulting and project design. We outline each project with a solution that solves your business challenges end-to-end, incorporating the best of each technology, adapting it to your infrastructure, making all your team fit to ensure a quick and the best adoption, and incorporating the market best practices.

Certified Services

Our services are certified by ISO 9001: 2015 in Software Development, Support and and Business Solutions Deployments.

Linking Knowledge

The axon is a neuron extension. Its function is to connect information between one neuron and the other, by which action potential is –somehow– transmitted.

Linking Knowledge is the reason of our existence: we speed up the action potential of organizations through solutions that naturalize the flow of knowledge between the “cells” that constitute it.