Microsoft Dynamics CRM

How to effectively identify and be with your customers every step of the way? Each contact point with a prospective or existing client becomes an opportunity to influence their purchase behavior. Anticipating their expectations in each step of the cycle and identifying their moments of truth to intervene efficiently generating long-lasting relations assures the best of competitive advantages: loyal happy customers.

What is CRM?

The Customer Relations Management (CRM), or CRM system or software, is a technological solution to improve marketing, sales and customer service, to achieve organizational efficiency and improve employee productivity while enhancing customer experiences.


Customized marketing is possible.

Be with your customers each step of the way with relevant and consistent interactions in all channels in which your customers communicate.

We offer marketing automation tools to digitalize your marketing, plan, execute and measure your campaigns comprehensively and in real time.

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Sellers focused on your commercial objectives.

Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution for commercial management allows sales teams to adapt to a market with new empowered consumers. Get to know your customers and their preferences better, close deals more quickly using collaborative tools and all channels (including the power of social networks) to build personalized long-lasting relations.

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Speed up customer care.

To efficiently respond to queries, solve claims or cater for any question from your customers, your service agents need to have relevant information available in real time, a 360° vision of your customers and tools for quick and easy interaction.

The services area is crucial when generating outstanding experiences and Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to manage care from a single platform with multichannel scope.

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Actionable social listening: analyze feelings towards your brand, identify trends and interact where your prospective and current customers want.

The opinion of a couple is worth more than corporate discourse. Take part in the social conversations with Microsoft Social Engagement to listen, analyze and interact with centralized management, expanding relation channels with your customers and key audience towards social networks.

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Extended CRM.

Efficiently manage relations with key audiences: providers, distributors, employees, candidates, partners, collaborators (professors, outsourced labor hand), patients or entities (car fleets, asset management, etc.).

We extend and customize your solution with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to increase your organization productivity with comprehensive tools.


Customized, proactive and predictive.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps to achieve a positive customer experience, with a more and more important ingredient for companies to win and retain customers.

What can a CRM add to your organization?
Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you to reduce costs and increase profitability by organizing, incorporating best practices and automating business processes to nourish customer relations through all marketing, sales and customer care interactions.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Customize customer experience

By creating contact points in your customers footprint with relevant consistent just-in-time interactions.

Create proactive experiences

Anticipate your customer expectations scheduling smart interactions based on your customers’ context.

Generate predictive interactions

With analytic tools that cross internal and external data to identify patterns and predict behaviors.


We generate technological solutions for customers who achieve speed and efficiency.

A global company that unifies its customer experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.
Custodia Metropolitana
Comprehensive management of vehicles withdrawn from circulation with Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM.
BBVA Banco Francés
Looking for a strong response to internal user queries, BBVA Banco Francés deploys Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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