Financial Services

Generate significant long-lasting relations with your customers.
Microsoft Dynamics allows you to offer amazing experiences to your financial customers while improving you business’ profitability and operational efficiency.

End-to-end solution for financial service organizations

How to stand out from the competence in the current economic environment?

Price, product or distribution variable are unlikely to provide strong differentiation for your business. Financial customers are more and more informed and are more and more demanding. Focus on taking care of your client portfolio and attracting new clients by delivering outstanding experiences. Microsoft Dynamics allows your people to have a unique 360° view of your customers to anticipate trends and relate to them where, how and when they prefer.


Make your customers people, not mere accounts, understand their profile, preferences and their interactions history. Be with them every step of the way, surprising them in each interaction by anticipating their needs.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Baking, we convert the critical processes of your business –such as opening accounts, generating loans and escalating cases– into fast processes. We incorporate the best practices in the banking industry in automated workflows, using guided dialogues that help to reduce time and optimize tasks generating more employee productivity.

Easily identify cross sales opportunities. How can you make sure prices and your organization banking policies are aligned with retention strategies to increase the client portfolio quota and improve profitability? Efficiently manage risk exposure by proactively identifying your customers behaviors with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, minimizing administrative tasks around branches, call centers and offices.

We offer technological solutions to effectively comply with regulations in the banking industry, generating continuous improvement of our banking management, with flexible tools and proven experience in the main banks of the region.

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Financial Services

Focus on your customers, get to know them better, win their loyalty and trust with customized omni-channel care.

We speed up your business with automated workflows for your key marketing, sales and service processes to increase operation efficiency and allow your personnel to focus on what really matters. Our solutions based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform are adapted to  the processes and best practices of financial services. They’re flexible to seamlessly integrate with IT infrastructure, easily managed with intuitive customization, and user friendly for your personnel, assuring fast adoption. It reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) and expands the value of your IT investments.

You can choose the same solution both on premise or in the Cloud. Your organization will have the safety infrastructure of the most important, with a, operation service level agreement (SLA) of 99.9% with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Capital Markets

Gain the trust of your customers with customized timely consultancy. Increase managed assets and reduce administrative expenses of customer relations management (CRM) for your financial consultant with a solution adapted to the capital market industry.

Is it Outlook or CRM?

Your financial consultants will not be able to tell the difference, working with tools that integrate built-in desktop productivity features and a native Outlook experience within the same Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.

Identify cross sales opportunities and maximize your customers’ profitability by offering them specific financial products according to their unique profile, risk tolerance and needs. You will be able to follow up on sales activities, identify key trends and get to know your most valuable clients with powerful analysis tools and command charts in real time.


The key for insurance companies to stand out over their competence and retain their most profitable policy holders is becoming an organization focused on its customers.

We offer solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM to improve operational efficiency by centralizing information of each policy holder, including communications, interactions and subscription history, and detail of claims, all in one repository.

Increase customer loyalty and renewal rates with a quicker application management, coordinated claim resolution and proactive customer care. Our solutions provide a unique view of the sales channels, productivity by agent, customer loyalty, claim processing and more, with real time command charts and contextual analyses. Provide your brokers with mobile tools and automated processes, freeing them from administrative tasks so that they can focus on more relevant and significant interactions with customers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you to approach regulation compliance by using strong workflow and auditing capacities, automating recruitment and following up key data areas.

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We generate technological solutions for customers who achieve speed and efficiency.

Banco Comafi
Banco Comafi improves its customer care with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Provincia Net
ProvinciaNET deploys Microsoft Dynamics CRM to comply with BCRA (Central Bank of the Argentine Republic) regulations.
BBVA Banco Francés
Looking for a strong response to internal user queries, BBVA Banco Francés deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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