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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) specifically designed for manufacture operations can include supply chain and finance management, Manufacture Resource Planning (MRP), human resources and operations management.

Specifically designed for manufacturing operations

We deploy powerful ERP solutions that are specifically designed for the manufacturing operations challenges and which will provide visibility and end-to-end management capabilities: supply chain management, management and finance, manufacturing resource management (MRP), HR and operations management.


We’re experts in management tools for manufacture, generating comprehensive solutions over Microsoft Dynamics platforms that optimize production management from end to end. Competence is better than ever. To be successful, manufacturers need to improve their value proposal for the market: with faster response times, better quality products or standing out in customer care. Manufacturing companies need to constantly innovate to keep their competitive advantage and, for that, operation flexibility is required.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Manufacture is not only an operations management solution, but it also has a flexible and ductile architecture to adapt your business to the changing market demands.


We have solutions to achieve end-to-end efficiency. Not only for the transportation of goods but also expanding management to stock check, regulatory compliance and automation through cloud technology to improve material management quality and to become a paperless organization, avoiding manual errors.

We offer a world-class solution with Microsoft Dynamics AX for Logistics and Distribution that will provide full control of the whole supply chain and real time follow-up of your goods.


In a market with more and more demanding customers, manufacturing and distribution companies need to offer a 7×24 care to maintain optimum service levels.

We offer technological solutions that improve care quality, providing your customers with self-service and access from any place, at any time, through any channel and from any device.


With more and more connected and well-informed customers, manufacturing and distribution companies must be ready to cater for a demand with customers who decide on their purchase well ahead, influenced by new communication channels. Customer relations management becomes critical for manufacturing and distribution companies to influence buying behaviours and achieving customer loyalty with more and more purchase options.

Our Microsoft Dynamics solution helps you to focus your organization on your customers and manage sales efficiently. It allows your sales agents to focus on what is relevant to close deals while your organization maintains consistent interactions with their most profitable existing and prospective customers.


Marketing in manufacturing and distribution companies? To improve productivity, it’s more and more necesssary to be ahead of the market needs and focus not only on operational efficiency.

Selling more and better means knowing and supporting more and more the footprint of customers in new channels, and optimizing the management of outstanding customer experience.

We offer Microsoft Dynamics Marketing for planning, executing and measuring campaigns from beginning to end.


We generate technological solutions for customers who achieve speed and efficiency.

It uses Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for its production management and stock management.
BrightStar uses Microsoft Dynamics AX2012.



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