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Public institutions need to develop all their personnel potential to become swift sensitive organizations and assure efficient citizen services. This is unthinkable without the proper tools.

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Government institutions have a full solution to manage relations with their citizens. We offer management solutions to carry out the claim care process, offer online follow-up for citizens and self-service for queries and requirements, reduce attention costs and offer 7x24x365 services safeguarding the data of each citizen.


Solutions that speed up government management, and management of public service, public safety, justice, defense and health and social services. Solutions for citizen services, subsidy management, case management, permits, licenses, and financial administration are some of the cases in which a comprehensive management tool provides public agencies with dynamism and cost-efficiency.


Emergency management, crime prevention, asset/fleet management, all justice and public safety issues with a unique solution that can be installed comprehensively or which can be built into the current systems of the organization and solve a specific issue.


The claim power of citizens is more and more relevant. In a hyperconnected and hyperinformed world, dwellers expectations increase also leveraged by the regulatory weight of surveillance agencies. Governments need to flexibilize their response capacity with consistent information, automated processes for their citizen service personnel and centralized case management and communication with inhabitants. Public service tasks require follow-up in all steps of the cycle of each service, as well as centralized access and control over contracts, inspections, permits, licenses and management of call centers.


Improve your processes with a unique and integrated platform, automating tasks, viewing management and its performance with indicators and dynamic management boards with our Auditing and Control Solution with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Nothing needs an agile management to rapidly respond to citizen needs than the healthcare sector. Issues associated with care supervision and comprehensive patient and program follow-up including healthcare provider management, services and healthcare plans in general, are now solved with tools that provide full visibility of the management and which are easily adopted by the users in the public healthcare and which makes them more efficient.


More with less. Educational institutions suffer more and more the pressure of catering for more students with less resources and personnel. How to improve the educational service, preserve programs and manage budget efficiently?

Manage corporate relations and relations with students, manage admission and tuition systems efficiently, manage assets and facilities, hiring and personnel quota, follow up student and teacher performance.

We’re partners specialized in CRM and Microsoft Education Reseller solutions, which allows us to provide solutions for education with the most convenient proposal for educational institutions.


We generate technological solutions for customers who achieve speed and efficiency.

ProvinciaNET, a company of the Banco Provincia group, incorporates Microsoft Dynamics CRM to comply with the regulations of the BCRA (Central Bank of the Argentine Republic) and centralize customer care processes of Bapro Pagos.

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