Case Study

AMERICA TV is a company dedicated to the industry of media and entertainments; it is one of the five national channels in Argentina.






Microsoft Dynamics GP

Customer Challenge
AMERICA TV was looking for a ERP technological platform to manage its multimedia business (radio, television and graphical media.) The challenge was to manage its different businesses with a single system.

Solution Offered by AXXON
Microsoft Dynamics GP was deployed in its finance, distribution and procurement modules. We worked in the standardization of a model of adaptable management to the different branches of the multimedia business. The particular issue of this industry is the handling and managing exchange; which is why the developed business model had to consider this point.

Benefits for AMERICA TV
The exchange in the circuits was considered and monitoring reports of this type of operations were generated. America now has a unique and solid platform for the centralized management of all media. The concept of share services in administration was included; therefore, with the same group of people, multiple companies are managed, thus achieving economy in the management of standardized projects and consolidated reports.