Success Story

Flowserve is the main world-wide supplier of control/management services of the industrial flow. The company produces pumps, mechanical precision seals, automatic and quarter turn manual valves, operating and acting valves, and mainly provides a range of services related to “flow management” mainly for processing industries.






Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Customer Challenge
Unify in all Latin America the global experience of the company customer and knowing the location and state of its installed base. The project includes the countries of Mexico, Argentina (Buenos Aires and Bahia Blanca), Bolvia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia.

Solution Offered by AXXON
Microsoft Dynamics CRM will allow FLOWSERVE to optimize the level of customer care in all its subsidiaries and to establish unified processes all over the region. Since it was a regional project, the ONLINE version of CRM was chosen.

Benefits for FLOWSERVE
Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers FLOWSERVE several advantages over other applications for the customer relationship management, sales and marketing. These advantages include the capacity to have a unified sales process all over Latin America, the possibility of obtaining instant reports for each one of the countries and simultaneously to count on live information for the entire region.

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