Success Story

Tecnosoftware is a company dedicated to offering comprehensive Information Technology solutions. It specializes in the Development of Customized Software, the Provision of Professional Resources for IT projects and Consulting services, IT Support and deployment.





Servicios Profesionales

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Customer Challenge

Achieving a database of clients integrated to all other applications of the company, with high degree of security specification. Is also was part of its objectives, to establish a unique process of sales for all its areas.

Solution Offered by AXXON

Microsoft Dynamics CRM will allow TECNOSOFTWARE to optimize customer knowledge, make the relations between accounts people more efficient, collaborate with strategic information for the aerial decision making on Marketing and Sales of the company, as well as to give a continuously improve in the development of its markets.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM was compared by TECNOSOFTWARE with other similar products before its deployment, being finally chosen due to its capacity of integration to the existing scheme, its fast  learning curve and its native integration with Outlook.