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We offer an excellent opportunity for learning and professional development and growth, within a stable work environment where you’ll be able to develop your career.

We’ve been in the market for over 20 years with a solid growth and positioning in the technology industry.

Challenging Projects;
Solid processes, methodologies and systems that lead to safe success;
A compensation that rewards your individual and group contribution;
Excellent benefits;
We encourage growth and personal and group development.

Join our work team to grow professionally in a profitable manner.

Microsoft is the companies most preferred ERP. *

More and more organizations prefer Microsoft Dynamics

Within the global companies with a yield of USD 50 million to USD 1 billion, and those of USD 1+ billion, Microsoft Dynamics AX is the preferred provider for the next big ERP investment, compared to Oracle and SAP.

Companies with a yield of USD 50 million to USD 1 billion

SAP 20 %

* Based on ICT Enterprise Insights by Ovum Research, 2013

10 reasons to choose
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Axxon Manifesto

Truth over all things.
Smile and laugh a lot.
Home, Work, with friends.
There’s no failure, just lessons.
Different results? Innovate.
Never stop learning.
Team work, happy work.
People make the difference.
Under commit, over deliver.

Why working at Axxon?

We offer challenging projects that expand your knowledge;
We have proven methodologies and the necessary resources to reach results;
We propose a compensation that rewards your individual and team contributions;
We provide an environment in which your strengths are valued and developed.


In order to achieve a good working environment and generate an internal culture in which the wellbeing of our employees is made a priority, we developed the following actions:

Open Office: comfortable office that generates collaborative work.
Career Recognition: we retain talents and we thank them for staying. Birthday free afternoon and monthly celebrations.
Parenthood: additional days for child birth leave.
Referrals Program: we reward the referral of talents.
Home office: possibility of working from home.
Flex time: flexibility in working hours.
Presents in Special Occasions: we celebrate Easter, the beginning of Spring, new babies, weddings, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Children’s Day… we have many excuses to celebrate and reward our team.
Axxon Kids: we celebrate Christmas together with all families in Axxon.
Axxon Fest: we celebrate the end of the year, every year.
Corporate Promos: we offer special promotions with corporate alliances where we obtain interesting discounts or special promotions for products or services.

What do our Axxon Consulting employees value the most?