Digital governance in weeks.


Manage your organization’s resources with Microsoft’s state-of-the-art ERP. Finance, administration, HR, Retail, Supply Chain, Operations.
Microsoft Dynamics AX
FOR Retail

Make your business dynamic with omnichannel solutions generating amazing customer experiences.

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Microsoft Dynamics AX

Unify your systems and budget processes, sales and supplier payment, eliminate human errors with our Budget to Cash Solution. 

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Microsoft Dynamics AX

Increase your response; reduce your goods management and transportation costs. Improve service quality and delivery speed.

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Is ERP easy to use? – Microsoft Dynamics AX: the ERP of the future.
Cloud Solutions
CRM Online
Manage your marketing, sale and customer care leveraging on cloud computing technology.
Microsoft Dynamics AX in Azure
Lighter, faster, more dynamic: your ERP system in Microsoft’s cloud.
Speed in Microsoft's Cloud
Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. We offer ERP, CRM and immediate advanced analytics solutions.
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Cloud Transformation
Make your organization a continuous innovative business leveraging on the cloud.
Digital Marketing
New marketing is digital. Connect with your customers throughout their purchase process.
Business Transformation
There, where your organization needs to find that standing out point, we offer the best practices.
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Linking Knowledge

The axon is a neuron extension. Its function is to connect information between one neuron and the other, by which action potential is –somehow– transmitted.

Linking Knowledge is the reason of our existence: we speed up the action potential of organizations through solutions that naturalize the flow of knowledge between the “cells” that constitute it.