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Consolidate and standardize your business processes with the industry best practices. Improving visibility through your organization and simplify regulation compliance.

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The cloud makes you a business hero

According to recent research, speed in businesses is the main reason for which organizations go into the cloud, including over costs saving.

Gartner “Hype cycle for cloud computing, 2014”
David Mitchell Smith, July 24, 2014



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The best decisions for your organization are taken when there is information available to anticipate customer needs and learn their preferences in real time. Become a dynamic company and connect to your customers when, where and how they prefer.

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It deploys its first system with home center format to manage all the purchase, backoffice, POS in cashier lines and warehouse management operations.
Bercomat Group
The holding of companies of the Bercomat Family decides to deploy modern tools for integrating and making its business grow.
It incorporates best practices and integrates its processes with Microsoft Dynamics technology to continue growing.

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